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5 types of designs you can have for orangeries UK

Orangeries are definitely the latest way of making your place look more elegant and it will also increase their worth. All you have to do would choose an orangery design that you would like to build.

Types of designs you can have for orangeries UK

Following are the top 5 types of designs that you can have for orangeries UK

1. Hybrid roof orangery

If you would like to have a cozy space throughout the year like a space that doesn’t get affected by outside temperature then the best orangery design that you can consider to have would be hybrid roof orangery.

Yes, it would be a combination of both solid and glass. You can have a solid insulated roof with glass panels. The glass panels will let the sunlight come in the insulated roof will maintain the inside temperature of the orangery. You can sit there no matter what the outside temperature gets. It would be the cozy corner of your house where you might feel the most comfortable and peaceful.

2. Skypod roof orangery

Are you looking for a traditional orangery design? Well, if yes then skypod roof orangery is definitely the one. You can place a skypod roof on a flat roof of your orangery. It would be a mixture of metal and glass. You can select the different sizes of the skypod roof according to the size of your orangery.

It would be the best option so far for lightening up your orangery with sunlight and it will definitely add a wow factor to your orangery.

3. Roof lanterns style

One of the most traditional orangery designs that you can consider building for your space where it would add a splendorous vibe to your space. A combination of clear glass and solid structure. Yes, the side gets elevated with a clear glass lantern-style roof.

It would help you to add height to the orangery. It is definitely one of the most appealing designs when it comes to selecting orangery designs for your place.

4. Tiled roofs

If you are not a fan of glass and you would like to cover most of the areas with solid material then you can go for this design. You can cover the roof with tiles so the temperature inside the orangery will be steady throughout the year.

5. Flat roof orangery

The last design for building an orangery on the list is an orangery with a flat roof. Yes, you can design an ultra-thin roof with a mixture of solid wood or metal and glass panels. It will help in flooding your orangery with natural sunlight.

Final Words:

So, we have talked about 5 orangeries UK designs that you can consider if you would like to build an orangery for your place. Orangeries will definitely increase the worth of your place and they look classy as well. You can call professionals to build an orangery design or you might be able to build it on your own if you know how to construct a building a little bit.